What kind of brand is mmi?
mmi is an accessories brand for all ages. We say mmi is a girly brand because our collections aim to be simple and kind of coquette. We also say that mmi targets all family, as our pieces can be used both by adults or tweens.

We love when we have mothers and daughters shopping together at our stores! We also have a selection of items for the younger girls (4 to 8 years of age), who we call mini-mmi.

What does mmi means ?
mmi is Me, Myself and I.

Is it mmi or mmi loves you?
The brand name is mmi. Loves you is our strapline, which may not always appear.

What does the skull, cloud and other symbols mean?
They represent the variety of moods you can feel and express in your daily life. The Skull is for a stand out attitude. The Cloud is for the sporty and surfers, the Star is for the ones feeling super chic, and the Lips for the trendy fashionistas! The Flower is for the little ones, the “mini-mmi”. As for the Heart, this one is for all and everyday ☺

We have a special jewelry edition called “Mood edition” in which you can find those brand symbols.

Is the brand Portuguese?
Yes. It was created by the Portuguese group that holds KNOT, a children's apparel brand for ages from 0 to 10, with 15 stores in Portugal. Knot is also distributed in multi brand stores across Europe and EUA and holds his own store in Madrid, Spain.

Do you have an online shop?
No, but our bag collection is available at the Knot online store www.knotkids.com/pt/.

How can I contact mmi ? 
You can contact us through our email info@mmistores.com, or by landline +351217937341.